Life of Poe in Relation to His Works

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Life of Poe in relation to his works Poe’s life was plagued with unfortunate deaths of beloved relatives, sickness and drinking binges that changed his view on life and has a profound impact on his works from his repetitive yet never tiring themes of love, death and the never ending horrors of loneliness. Not only was his work very depressing, it was also widely accepted that the miserable characters in his works are metaphors of his interpretation of his own life and his many failures in his conquest for happiness. We know from his childhood that his father abandoned his family at a very young age and he once said that women is the source of comfort which provided the care Poe needed as an infant. However, tuberculosis claimed his wife, mother and much of his family’s lives leaving Poe emotionally broken. Many of his work revolved around the death of influential female characters that utilizes symbolism, for instance Annabel Lee which in my opinion is a metaphor of his wife – Virginia and that his poem is trying to resurrect the memories of their lives together as young adults in love and her tragic end and the horrors of death is symbolized as the raven who forcibly takes things from animals. In addition, “The Bell”‘s implementation of onomatopoeia primary revolved around the sounds bells made. Bells can be perceived as joyful sounds that can be related to marriage, birth but it also can be seen as a ticking time bomb of a crisis, or a funeral bell in churches. It may seem as if death is calling on the writer’s life.In my opinion, Poe’s expertise in writing crime solving story is inspired by his unsolved mysteries of his life, the reason behind her loved one’s deaths and that he may see it as injustice. Criminals in his work may be a literal manifestation of what he considers to be the mastermind behind his misery. Moreover, because his Dad abandoned his family
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