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The Life of Pi (2 points) 1. Naming- In the book life of pi naming does not play a large societal role. If anything, in the life o pi naming tends to have more to do with the future than anything else. The character Piscine Patel was so named because his father had a friend who loved to tell about Paris’ aquatics. Interestingly enough piscine is the French word for pool, foreshadowing the importance of water in Piscine’s life. Piscine’s name is also a detriment to him. People would often make fun of him on account of his name’s similarity to pissing. When he begins attending a private school, piscine opens a new chapter for himself by naming himself Pi thus erasing the stigma associated with his name. 2. Spirituality and religion- spirituality and religion play a major role in The Life of Pi. Pi is an extremely religious individual and practices three religions: Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. The idea of being to practice three religions completely is rather foreign, but it is Pi’s opinion that this can be done because “…all religions are true. He just wants to love God”. Pleasing god is the important factor for Pi and so whatever religions please God should be followed. Pi’s attachment to religion is integral to the story because it is what keeps him going while he is adrift at sea. 3. 3. Coming of Age- The coming of age process is not directly defined in the Life of Pi. However, maturity occurs for Pi as a necessity because of his being stranded on a boat for two hundred twenty-seven days. The trying situation of being stranded at sea helped to transform Pi into a mature adult. Fending for himself in the middle the ocean produced a brave and responsible individual. Having to ration his own portions, hunting for food and taking care of Richard parker the tiger Pi had to have matured because the average teenager would not be able to survive in such adverse

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