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Primary Document Analysis I have chosen to write my primary document analysis on The Life of Charlemagne by Einhard. You can find this on page Chapter 7, Rome’s Three Heirs, page 248 of Perspectives from the Past: Primary Sources in Western Civilization. In this analysis I will explain who recorded this document and what type is it. Also, I will try and bring up examples from the text to support my answers. The first thing we will look into is who created the document and why was it created. The document was created by Einhard, who was a close friend and companion of Charlemagne, this document was made after Charlemagne’s death in 814c.e. Einhard wanted to commend Charlemagne’s memories and legacy. The Life of Charlemagne was a thoughtful, deliberate process of writing. Einhard named the wives and children Charlemagne had. “…Next he married Hildigard, a women of most noble family, from the Swabian race. By her he has three sons, Charles, Pepin, And Lewis, and the same number of daughters, Rotrude, Bertha, and Gisela. He had three more daughters, Theoderada, Hiltrude, and Rothaide, two of these by his third wife, Fastrada, who was from the race of Eastern Franks or Germans, and the Alamanni, but she bore him no children. After Luitgard’s death, he took gour concubines, Madelgard, who bore him a daughter Ruothilde; Gervinda, of the Saxon race whome he had a daughter Adaltrude; Regina who bore him Drogo and Hugo; and Adallinda, who became the mother of Theodoric…”(p. 248 - ¶3) Einhard, seemed to take his time and has been very thorough with his writing. Also, Einhard was able to describe how Charlemagne felt after the death of Hadrain, Pope of Rome[r.772-795] who was a close friend to Charlemagne. Einhard was a close friend to Charlemagne and seemed to be with Charlemagne or close by when these events happened. He seems to be an eyewitness to some or all of

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