Life of a Spartan Essay

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Life of a Spartan By: Tyler Wood The Spartans were the toughest of all the Greek Warriors. They trained for combat in early childhood. They were sent to live on their own at age seven, and were enrolled in the military at age twenty. Spartans were so honorable that being killed in a battle was the greatest reward for them. The reason Spartans were such good warriors is because they were in the military as a baby. If they thought a baby was weak, the baby was left in the mountains for death. Spartan boys were sent to live on their own at age seven. “made to endure the cold, naked or minimal clothing, and fed only black broth and rough fare, Spartan boys were encouraged to steel food” (“Who Were The Greek Warrior Spartans” 1). The idea was to strengthen cleverness, when they later took part in warfare; while the self-denial was forced on the youth, it was designed to toughen bodies and make Spartans immune to hardship and pain. “The classic, but no doubt apocryphal story of his indifference to pain is the legend of the Spartan boy who had stolen a fox, which he concealed under his cloak. Rather than reveal his secret, so the story goes, the lad allowed the fox to gnaw into his stomach” (“Who Were The Greek Warriors Spartans” 1). When they turned twenty, the Spartan boys became warriors. The warriors were often called hoplites. Hoplites had to own a shield, spear, sword, and armor. There were several events leading up to theBattle of Thermopylea. One of the major reasons Xerxes wanted revenge was because Greece fought the Battle of Marathon against the Persians. The Persians lost this battle which made Xerxes seek revenge on Greece. This battle was hard for Xerxes hard because his father (Darius) was killed. “After securing his throne, Xerxes began to muster forces to once again invade Greece. He was determined to avenge his father’s defeat” (“Battle of
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