Life of a Common Man Essay

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Life of A Common Man A literary character who makes an error of judgement or has a fatal flaw, combined with fate and external forces that brings on a tragedy are the characteristics and definition of a tragic hero as a common man. In the play Death of A Salesman written by Arthur Miller we see the main character Willy Loman stuck in the past and filled with great ambition of being a salesman, however, he cannot come face to face with reality leading to his downfall as a tragic hero. Willy believes that your reputation in the buisness world will lead you to success rather than education, which wouldve been the case in the 1920's but not in the 1940's when Death of A Salesman takes place. Also Willy's character flaw is that he is not living in reality, rather he is living in a world filled with delusion chasing the “American Deam”. Lastly, Willy Loman, despite his best efforts to make a profound memory of his life, he takes his own life which is the final fatal event seen as a tragedy. In The Death of A Salesman, Aruthur Miller focuses his story line around Willy Lomans failed ambition. We see this while Willy trys so hard to find a job of authority because he feels if you maintain a profession that demonstrates a good reputation then you will be well-liked; leading you to success. Willy doesn't believe in education because going to university is foolish when you can just be well-liked success comes automatically. We see Willys reaction to his son, Biff, failing math almost as a non-issue. Willy never will push his son Biff during his time in highschool because in his eyes Biff is already a great success. Biff is well-liked and a football star, failing math is yet a minor speed bump in the life Willy believes Biff will have. We know this because Willy states in Act 1, “The man who makes the best appearance in the buisness world, the man who creates personal

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