Life of Migrants in Ban Hin Lad Essay

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Present by Mr. Abefa Saejang, Open University of Asutralia, Student ID# 00206147, Wtitten on 5 September 2007. Ban Hin Lad is one of the fishing villages where the Burmese migrant community has settled. The village is located in the south of Kuraburi district in Phang Nga province, off the coast of the Andaman Sea, in Southern Thailand. There are very limited health services and no formal education system for the Burmese migrants. They are struggling for basic foods, accessing health service and education. There is a community of approximately 1,500 Burmese migrants. It is estimated that “migrants (are) now accounting for nearly a third of Ban Hin Lad’s population” . Most of the migrants have been staying there more than 5 years. Traditionally they are Buddhist, calling themselves “Tavoy”. As well as they have a different accent than the Burmese from central Myanmar. They still maintain their cultural aesthetics including painting yellow circles on their face, with a paste called “Ta Nut Khar”. One of the reasons for migrating to Thailand is the economic situation in Myanmar. Most of the migrants came with their friends and a few of them migrated with their families. One of the migrants explained that he paid 5000 Baht (about 148 US dollars) to the “guide” and moved across the border to Thailand. The journey took three days to get to Ban Hin Lad. Upon arrival, they stayed with their friends or their relatives in small rooms inside long military style barrack halls. Some of them were integrated into the neighboring districts. Most of the rooms are very old and have poor ventilation. The conditions are very crowded. Easy inspection concludes that “housing is cramped and infection, (is very) common” . The Burmese men work as fisherman on boats, earning about 60 to 100 US dollars per month. Most of them are illegal and have no any official documents

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