Life Meaning Essay

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What things give meaning to your life? I would imagine that the answer to the question , "What things give meaning to your life ?", changes as you change, as the world changes, as life changes, as every other human being changes and as existence changes. The answer to this question can not be put in a box, tied up with a pretty bow and presented to each newborn human. If only it were so easy. Without meaning, there is really no purpose to living. Everyone has a different idea about what gives life meaning. Some people would swear that having children gives life no better meaning. Others would say that it’s having God in your life that gives it meaning. There are yet others that prefer that their career give meaning to their lives. What gives life meaning? It all depends on the person you are talking to. According to me many things in life give life its meaning. The birds that sing calming melodies that wake me up. The sweet smell of chocolate milk that warms my nose. The beautiful blue and clear sky that enlightens my visions. These are all the little things that give life its meaning. Not everyone would say the same though. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Whatever impacts us leave an impression that gives life its color. The horror movies that give us fear. The roller coasters that give us excitement. The breakups that gives us resentment. The people that we meet and talk to. The people we argue, cry and laugh with.They all add color in our dull lives. They are like the salt in our food. Our relationships with others make life worthwhile. The fact that life is so unpredictable leaves us all living for more.

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