Life Lived In a House Compared To An Appartment Essay

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The Life Lived in a House Compared to an Apartment If the common phrase of being at ones home is home sweet home, would it be apartment sweet apartment? Owning a house or renting an apartment is significant to many individuals who like the concept of coming to their living quarters and knowing it is theirs. There are many advantages and disadvantages to owning either a house or renting an apartment, but where they live relies on their personal needs. There is much to consider between the two because the area in which one wishes to live depends on how flexible their life styles are. The main decision is left to you and the main idea is what is the best choice for you. Preferably I believe in the concept of owning ones house rather than renting from someone else because the property is mine and owning a home adds more stability in my life. Both the house and apartment are stable living quarters, but its how concrete one wants to stay with their property which lies the question. When owning one’s house, he or she is in full control of the home and does not have to worry about anymore payments to the house. That stability allows he or she to control the inputs on what goes into the house, they have options to improve the quality of the house, but do not have to. “As a home owner, you have complete control over when you move versus moving when you may not want to, you will always have peace of mind living in your own home” (Should I…, 2007). Basically controlling all perspectives that an owner could have with their home. On the other hand, renting is a very flexible means that one is only in control of the apartment for as long as the contract entitles them. This means one has the flexibility to move right when the contract ends; no hassle with any selling issues like owning a house. Also by having an apartment, it is much easier to move based on the area and

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