Life Lesson Values

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The Life Lesson Values When I was growing up, my father taught me the three most important values of my life to remember. The first important value to life is loyalty. I got to have loyalty in my life. The person you with got to have loyalty. The second most important value to life is love. Love is the important matter in everyone life; including in my life. Love is base off to some people a four letter word. If you can’t tell the person I love you, then it is not made for you. The third most important value is trust. I have to say this to some people which is “if you can’t trust the person you are with, well who can you trust in your life”. Trust plays a big role in everybody everyday life, but without it what you going to do. First, I got loyalty, but do others have loyalty. People say “not to have loyalty” however, I need loyalty and so do they. Loyalty is important to me and my family just as trust. For instance, look at my dad, do he look like he got loyalty. Well yes! He has loyalty on all of his colleagues but, not on his family. He never trusts his family because we don’t have happiness in our lives. We always be fighting with each other. My dad told me that the key to loyalty is “happiness”. Though I don’t know what that mean but, what I do know is he is right. Furthermore, the second reason to me I love a lot is love. OMG! I love my fiancé and my family dearly. Love might be a strong letters of words to say to someone, but it’s true. I would only say I love you to someone when I have to mean it. Also, someone once told me that you can love anybody, but are you truly in love with that person. Now that right there makes me think more and more about it. I tell people to love the person that they care most about cause without that person they wouldn’t be here with them right now. All the men and women can’t spend their life without it or with it. If you

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