Life Journey Essay

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Shenell Walker 02/10/2014 English 097 Ms. Anne Brown 7:45am-9:30am Salmineo’s Life Journey Before me and my husband Salmineo started dating, he was a totally different person. He went and joined the U.S. Navy straight out of high school. While in the military he had is first child, a son named Qua’Jon. A couple years later we met threw an old mutual friend and instantly feel for each other. He is a different kind of man, it’s unexplainable but I’ll let you inside his world. Salmineo was born and raided in the south side of Chicago. His childhood was average with growing up with just his mother, older brother, and little sister. His father was in and out of jail and didn’t come around until he was 14 years old. It was ruff trying to adjust with his father finally being around. He was a rebellious child and didn’t take well to authority at all. After graduating grammar school and high school, he went off and joined the U.S. Navy. Once joining the military, it was a new experience. He ended up having a son while being stationed in Washington. Salmineo also met three people that still to this day are very good friends. He got into trouble in the military for drinking too much and no listening. But while being in the military, it taught him about respect, responsibilities, and most importantly and himself. He became a man and a proud veteran after serving his 4 years in the military and he enjoyed every single moment of it. He met me threw an old mutual friend, but we didn’t date till 9 months later because we were both in unhealthy relationships. He eventually got us an apartment and a dog. A friend had told him about the many opportunities here in Grand Rapids. So we packed up and moved. It was a struggle for him to get on his feet financially, but as always, he managed to handle this even at bad times. We got married August 31, 2012, and have been

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