Essay On Young People Today

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Young people have it easier today. And, they have it worse. Just because things are different doesn’t mean it’s better or worse, life is never as simple as black or white. Is the life of a poor eight year old boy living in the slums of Mumbai today going to be easier than an upper class child 50 years ago? It isn’t fair to say that every young person today has it easier as that would be incorrect however; lifestyle in general in the UK has improved but that is not age specific. If the concern is that it is too easy for the young generation then what is the use of paving the way for future generations, should all generations have it tough? Should our generation not work to make life easier for the next? Most generations have made it easier for the next, starting from going out to hunt for our own food to now. Surely there shouldn’t be a problem if life is easier for the next generations, isn’t that the aim of each generation? Otherwise we wouldn’t progress if there was no incentive to change and improve. There have been many improvements for young people of our generation, for example young people used to have to start work at very young ages to help feed the family and didn’t get educated. During the wars food was…show more content…
Every individual has different challenges, some more than others, but it changes depending on location and wealth. It is wrong to say that all young people today have it easier just because in general lifestyle has improved; it’s more complicated than that. The separation that divides the rich from the poor has always had an effect on the younger generations and how easy their life is or isn’t. Many young people are still living in poverty and they face the challenge of staying alive each day, the statement that ‘life is too easy for young people today. They lack challenges and don’t have to fight for anything’ is too vague to be a true statement as life isn’t as simple as
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