Life Is Made of Choices Essay

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LIFE IS MADE OF CHOICES Loving someone is like trusting him. You entrust your whole heart to him just because you love him. Then you’ll be satisfied because he always makes you happy. But what if one day, he left you without telling the reason? Will you trust a person again just because you feel it? Or learn the lesson from the past and be a better person in the future? You fell in love. You felt that you’re the happiest person in the whole world thinking that there’s someone out there loving you just as you loves him too. Giving your time to him just to stay beside him and keep him company for the rest of the day. It feels like you’re having a fairy tale and living happily ever after. Suddenly, when all turned quite well, he left. The pain that you’ve felt was like all the anxieties in the world were all cast in your back. Without knowing the reason why he left, you’re still hoping that there will come a time that he will come back and love you again just like you did before. Hoping that one day both of you will be happy again just like in the past. After several years, you gradually moved on. Your friends helped you along the way and make you feel better when you’re about to cry. Now, you’ve finally succeeded and became the person you’ve never imagined you would be. Out of nowhere, He called. Asking if you have a time to spare and talk with him. Foolishly, you’ve accepted his offer. Not thinking of the pain, sadness, and sorrow that he gave you. And there he was. The man that you’ve only loved in your life was sitting across the table waiting for you to come. Just watching him from a distance made you melt and the feelings that you’ve tried to forget was now coming back. Fighting the tears to run down on your cheeks, you walked toward him and flashed a melancholy smile and asked him how is he doing with the past few years. After several

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