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According to the article, it talked about what happened in the beginning of the Life is good company built, and what did the co-founders do. It also talked about the motto of the company and how about the company is today. As the top managers of their company, Bert and John have to establish the plans and goals and make some big decisions, such as which market do they want to develop, how much money they want to earn next year, which partner they want to cooperate and so on. I think all the management functions are important to them. But maybe the controlling is the most important now. Because Life is good company is a mature company, which has mature rules, middle managers and first line managers. It also has mature markets. As the top managers, the most important function is controlling now. Bert and John’s managerial style is managing people who take action. It is worked for other organizations. For Bert and John, they set up the motto and enhance the company’s culture to let employees feel themselves to be constructive parts of the company. That is a good managerial style. All organizations should let their employees feel themselves to be constructive parts of the company. The motto “Do what you like. Like what you do.” might affect that which kind of employees the managers want to hire and how they encourage their employees to work hard. The motto is a kind of company’s culture. And it can help employees to identify the company. The challenges in having friends work for your business might be hard to manage. Sometimes they don’t think you are the boss, they think you are just their friend. But it is easy to deal with talk to your friends and make sure they know their roles. Let them know here is the business, and there are rules in the company. Everybody should follow the rules, nobody except. I’d like to work for a company such as the Life is good

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