Life Is Full of Statistics Essay

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Life is full of statistics After watching this video, I realized that in our life, statistics are everywhere. Statistics not only lies in its area of expertise, but also exists in all aspects of the society. More interestingly,statistics is working all the time. Like computer is counting car’s flow on the road and traffic accidents by any causes,etc. Statistics is exists everywhere in our life. By this video, I found that even in ancient,statistics already exists. As the ancients said, taking history as a mirror, you can see the rise and fall. We learn history, know about the past, we can find the mistake from the ancients and reminds us that no longer make the same mistake . But before we learn from the Ancient people,we should statistic what kind of mistake the ancients used to make. Like hegemonism, treachery,ect. Through these statistical, Chinese educators edit our chinese textbook and history textbook to teach students how to be a better man. Statistics can also reflect the social problems. Like through the Chinese population statistics report, we will find that even if implemented family planning, China's population is still growing.Like after we read the college students' employment report,we know that many college student still can’t find a job and there will be more and more college students can't find a job in the future. From another point of view, this statistical telling us that many students want to have a congenial work at the beginning and don’t want to get a hard job. And like milk powder supply shortages in HongKong.Through the statistics by some government deparetment or some statisticians, on the one hand we can see that milk powder safety problems affecting most of the parents' confidence in domestic milk powder and they think that maybe imported milk powder more safer than domestic milk powder.Then many parents will go to
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