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Life Is Beautiful Essay

  • Submitted by: jeff212
  • on October 14, 2012
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The Pursuit of Happyness
Before we watch the movie about the “Pursuit of Happyness”, we become inquisitive. We have raised so many questions. For instance, why it is misspelled and why does the writer make choose of it as the title of the story. Thus, we have done a lot of arguments and insights about this matter.
As we go along the movie, those questions raised in our mind have been answered but our intuitions about it did not match our thoughts as it did not have any sense at all. Relevantly, the title has been brought by outside the Day care facility Gardner’s son attends. Also, it has been brought by the perseverance of Chris Gardner to meet the struggles without the money at all just to be a stock broker and a multi- million dollar brokerage firm.
Specifically, the denouement of the movie pertains to the investment of family’s savings of Chris Gardner in the portable bone-density scanners. They never expected that it will fall only as a thwarted ambition of their life. As a result, her wife, Linda leaves him and wants to include their child, Christopher Jr. in her departure to the New York. Chris refused him to do so. He don’t want to be separated with his son. So, her wife had nothing to do but to leave his son to his father.

At this moment, tremendous problem arises. One of which is on how to raise his son and being evicted from his hometown. But those problems have been resolved when he finds his bone scanner to a man who thinks that it was a time machine and when he succeeded on selling it. Finally, his determination paid off when he is offered a position as a stock broker of the company.

Therefore, we learned that every decision has a responsibility attached to it. Whatever the outcome it may bring, we must deal with it a determination, fortitude, courage and self-confidence in our.


If we were the Guidance Counselor, we will make a guide to the “Counseling and Information” through the...

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