Life Is Absurd Essay

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The absurd is the contrast between the mind and the universe, where the mind wants unity and harmony and the universe as such may bring chaos and unexpected events. The universe can be perceived as harsh and indifferent to man's life whereas i believe that every life is meaningful no matter what the universe bestows upon us. Life does not come with a manual. It would be absurd to live without learning from the past and living for the now without thought of the future, therefore it is likely that choices throughout our lives will be riddled with both rights and wrongs. Everyone lives differently and learns from their own unique, personal experiences which are embraced in the hope that a full and meaningful life will be achieved. For an individual to accept that life is absurd would mean that they live only for today with no hope for the future, thus rendering life meaningless. I believe the universe and the lives existing within it are a miracle and can coexist and overcome the boundaries that limit them ultimately leading to overcoming the difficulties they face. We all will die, some younger some older, some more tragic than others. But I believe that we can not let the thought of dying rule our every day existence. We must be willing to face lifes obstacles by setting aside the thought of the eventual death and living life to the fullest in spite of the absurdity of what goes on around us. All in all the thesis that life is absurd is in itself

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