Life Into the World of Economics Essay

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UPDATED ON Oct. 18, 2007 Contact , K-State Research and Extension ; 2007-2008 Marketing Plan Background An October 2003 letter from ECOP to State Extension Directors and Leaders stated: State Extension Programs across the nation have faced financial challenges. In an informal survey conducted by the CSREES staff earlier this year, 47 states reported that adequate funding for their programs was in jeopardy. The majority of states expected current year cuts in state appropriations or university allocations for their programs of three to 30 percent. At best, other states hoped to hold even for this year, but prepared for potential cuts in the next year or two. The financial challenges have resulted in program redirections, reorganizations, and staff reductions in many states. This letter describes what has been occurring within and to K-State Research and Extension. The threat of extreme budget cuts first appeared in 1995. As a result, the Kansas Cooperative Extension Service and Agricultural Experiment Station merged to form K-State Research and Extension. Since 1996, K-State Research and Extension has been focusing marketing efforts on increasing awareness statewide. Statewide surveys conducted in 1996 and 2000, paired with localized surveys from 2003, have illustrated a strong growth in statewide awareness of K-State Research and Extension. Even though our awareness numbers have improved, the budget has not improved. Budget cuts continue to challenge K-State Research and Extension throughout the organization. This has increased the need to stabilize traditional funding sources and identify and pursue nontraditional funding sources. 2006 marked the beginning of a new five-year planning cycle for K-State Research and Extension, as well as the start of an Extension strategic plan. The organization’s overall marketing plan aligns with
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