Life In Tibet Essay

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LIFE IN TIBET The Tibetan traditions and values Tibet is located in the Southwestern border area of china and has a population of 2.62 million according to the 2000 population census. Tibet has some of the largest forests and grasslands in china and consists of mountains, desserts, forests and grasslands. Traditions in Tibet differ substantially from American traditions. For instance, marriage greatly differs from American marriages. In America, marriage is a joined commitment when both individuals are expected to be committed as is many cases in Tibet. However, polyandry is common, which is when a woman has more than one husband, usually in this situation the males are brothers, and this is called fraternal polyandry. The male who fathered the child is determined by the mother in whom she may or may not speak her beliefs on the father to avoid conflict. There are various reasons for polyandry in Tibet. One reason that women have more than one husband is that the man bare strength which is essential to the land. In Tibetan tradition marriage took place within the same class as well as blood relations. Under Feudal Serfdom everyone was forced to abide the traditional marriage arrangements, this included intermarriage within the same class. Dating life differ from American dating as well. Women in Tibet are welcomed into adulthood ceremoniously and a lucky date is selected depending on the Tibetan calendar. The women will change her hair from single to many braids and she will began to wear a colorful apron which indicated her availability status in regards to marriage and male friendship. Similar to American culture, “public gatherings are considered appropriate occasions for boys to meet girls” ( Romantic moonlight bonfires join girls and boys together to sing and

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