Life In The Trenches Essay

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Life in the Trenches Life in the trenches during World War I was a pretty brutal time for the soldiers. They fought disease, illness, having no privacy, rodents, and having next to no comfort. So as you can probably tell, life was rough. Every day was a struggle for the soldiers that fought in the war. Many factors we causing all of this, and these are just a few. When soldiers at the Western Front of World War I, and they heard a whistle, they would have to run over and try to take the next trench. This is what caused so many deaths in the Great War. They would run over, sometimes even with just bayonets and charge towards the machine gun fire, hoping to not get hit. This often cause great anxiety for some soldiers because they knew if they hopped over the trench, they were going to die for sure. Why did they do it? Because in basic training they brainwash the soldiers to act on command. Many of the soldiers were very young. Around eighteen to nineteen often. So you can imagine these young people throwing their lives away for people that they hardly know. Rodents were huge trouble in the war. Because there were dead bodies everywhere, there was plenty of food for the rats to eat. They would actually eat the dead bodies. So as you can probably tell, there was an abundance of food for them at all times. Some soldiers have said that rats would sneak into their barracks, and start to eat their bread that they had. And everyone knows that rats carry diseases, that is another way they were spread. Most of the time, disease was unavoidable. It has been said that rats can grow up to the size of cat. Making these ugly creatures very scary for a soldier. Soldiers didn’t live a life we did now. In the end, they were the ones that payed the full price. If they survived the war, they would often come back to nothing. Their homes might have even been destroyed. The most

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