Life In The Play Our Town By Thornton Wilder

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OUR TOWN:LIFE IS A CYCLE Life,a very powerful and somehow undescribeable word but also something that We as humans just see passing by throughout our days with its many opportunities and even its simplicity of a regular morning eating breakfast in family with loved ones without appreciating the fact that We can use those moments to tell them how much We love them. In “Our Town” a three act play by Thornton Wilder ,He shows the audience life as something We clearly take for granted without looking at the importance of the little ,and for Us very often unimportant things and moments in life.Wilder uses the characters in the play to give the audience a “global message” of what We humans miss living our lives the…show more content…
To spend and waste time as though you had a million years .Words that make us think about how we should live our lives while alive,so when we depart from earth our souls can rest in peace with little or not regrets and so we can pass our future generations to do the same and live their lives happier than us.And well lastly the Stage Manager wraps up the play wishing everyone in Grover Corners and the audience a good night. In conclusion after the end of the play we can deduce that Wilder uses a simple ,full of routine

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