Life In The Eyes Of An Adolescent Girl

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Coming of age/initiation in Gorilla, My love In the short story Gorilla my love, it shows life in the eyes of a little girl named Hazel. Hazel narrates her story and shows the perspective of a child losing their innocence and change from a child into an adolescent. Hazel shows the theme of coming of age by losing her innocence. She shows her loss of innocence by being independent, realizing how unfairly adults treat children, and by acting like an adult in the story. Hazel acts independently throughout the story because of how she is treated. People around her like her relatives let her act and talk the way she does, for example; her grandfather refers to her as “scout” because she navigates and directs the car when she sits in the front. Hazel’s Grandpa says, “Which way, Scout, you got sense enough to say take the next exit or take a left” (449). This puts Hazel in a leading position where she is in charge and feels as if she is belittling others which makes her feel like an adult. Not only that, the way Hazel’s parents raised her is a factor of how she acts independently. According to Hazel, “Like my mama say, Hazel...when you got something on your mind, speak up and let the chips fall where they may.” (452) this shows that she was taught to speak her mind and speak without fear which puts her in a leading position, belittling others. Because of how Hazel is treated, Hazel acts like an adult despite the fact that she is a child in everyone’s eyes. The manager of the movie theatre clearly views her as a child during her complaint, “And I hear him sighed like he was disgusted when he got to the door and see only a little kid there” (451), which resulted into Hazel kicking the door open, asking for refunds for the movie. Hazel takes action like an adult with a task, but she does tasks in a childish way. Hazel is also overconfident because of the way she is
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