Life In The Dust Bowl

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The "Dust Bowl" was a natural disaster that scarred the lives of many individuals living in the plain states. It lasted from 1931-1939 causing many to move to California in hope of a better life because living in the Dust Bowl was unbearable. Many took advantage of the land, resulting in a crisis lasting over 8 years. Living through the Dust Bowl changed the attitudes of all who lived in the plain states at the time. In 1931 "There was no better place to be a farmer than the south plains." The crop harvests were a an all time high and farmers were making more than ever, and turning thousands of acre's of grasslands into farmland. Before the Dust Bowl farmer's took advantage of the land by over farming regular farmland, and turn grasslands into farmland. The farmer's were so focused on the money they were making so they didn't realize overworking the land could be so detrimental. In 1931, the rain stopped and the land dried up. The loose soil was picked up with the wind which became known as the "Dust Bowl". The dust storms made breathing difficult and dust masks were issued to the public by the government. People began using clothing,rags, and towels to protect themselves from the dust. The dust bowl became a huge problem fast.…show more content…
On April 14th, 1935 was the greatest storm trhoughout, causing extreme amounts of dust blow through the whole town. This was a factor in most families decisions to finally move to California after thinking that after this the land would never be how it was directly before the Dust Bowl. This storm completely pushed the limits of the whole community. "Living had become an act of sheer will." The government had to hand out food and relief checks. Businesses,schools, and churches closed and the plain states slowly wilted away with each
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