Life in the City and Life in the Country Essay

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Life in the city and life and the country There are differences between life in the city and life in the country. There are many things to consider such as employment, infrastructure, transportation, entertainment, education and environment. Firstly, life in the city is better than the country for some reasons, for instance, it is easier to find a job, because there are a lot of working places in the city, while in the country side there is no infrastructure to look for a job. However, it has no traffic, the life in the city are accessible because of transportation system like skyway, Metrorail, buses and cars. Secondly, there are more cultural venues, shopping malls, cinema, sporting events, and other activities but in the country, entertainment opportunities exist because of festivals and other amusement park. Also, the education is high standard and many schools to choose from like private and public schools. Some parents are preferred to send their children in private even the quality of tuition are growing increasing every year, their reason is, they have a better education and opportunities for employment after the students finishes their school. Compared to country there are fewer schools and not enough classrooms for students because of increasing population rapidly. The noise of traffic and sirens are a huge annoyance in the city however in the country is peaceful and quiet. Some elderly preferred to live nearby in the city where the hospital facilities not far from them for their emergency responses. While some of them are decided to live in country because there is fresh air, no pollution and not crowded. Some families are preferred to live also in country side because they have to protect the children from the violence with gangs and drugs in the city. In conclusion, life in the city and life in the country have their both same

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