Life in the City

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Life in the City City is expected to be the best place where everyone can reach for better living conditions. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who decide to move into city. A city means a large, populous and important town such as London, Tokyo, and New York. According to the KLR radio, the population of Malaysia increased rapidly during the 2005s, with city like Kuala Lumpur nearly doubling in number of people living there. It had grown in size from around 900,000 to 1.6 million people .Most of the people evince that living in city is better than village. So, they are willing to leave their homes and migrate to the city. These are the advantages and disadvantages of living in city. One of the advantages is that city provide plenty jobs with good salary. As the economy is constantly growing, there will be high chances for us to find a well paid job. The factories, companies, businesses and shops open their doors for new employees. A job will give us financial support to raise our families or create a better life. Moreover, another advantage of living in the city is we can get better education .It has variety of choices for us to choose the high standard of schools, colleges or universities. Most of the first-rate and famous universities and colleges are situated in city. Besides, there are libraries and book shops that have all kinds of books including professional books and import books. Thus, we will be able to increase our knowledge, improve our language skills and enjoy reading all the time. Besides, the city also provides high quality of hospital facilities, medical centres or clinics.Living in city there are better access for us to advanced healthcare. We will be able to get a variety of opinions from specialist doctors. As we are living in city also live near to medical services.For example, there are emergency ambulance services for 24

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