Life in a Virtual World Essay

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WoozIn: A Virtual Life states that there are more than 1 billion users of virtual worlds, online communities where people have avatars and participate in various simulated environments. Even more impressive than that number: Roughly half of those virtual world users are under age 15. (Watters, 2011) At the enterprise/business level there are virtual worlds for adults designed for college students, corporate training and military applications. More than two dozen universities from around the world, including the University of Notre Dame and Virginia Tech, are using Second Life for conferences, classrooms and educational games. Even the United States Army is experimenting with virtual world games like World of Warcraft to train personnel from ground troops to generals. (Virtual World Info) Virtual worlds allow people to interact with other people around the corner and around the world using computer generated characters created to shadow the likes and dislikes of the connected user. It allows players and their avatars to be an alternate persona, living vicariously through their creation, for good or bad. The user can create any and all needs and possessions one would have in the real world, with houses and apartments, friends and “relationships”, pets, jobs, cars and anything else your imagination can conjure up. I chose WoozIn basically by default because of having an older computer; it was not equipped with a high processing graphics card to support all the elaborate details 3D worlds create for their users. WoozIn is a lot like the old school online and video console virtual world of Sims and its family of spin-offs. There are a wide range of different public zones in the world. All these scenes are rendered with amazing visual effects. Rich in variety, tons of scenes are differently themed with settings such

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