Life in a High-Rise Flat Essay

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Man is the only home making animal. He alone can enjoy the warmth of his hearth and family circle. Man has evolved from tree dwelling to the modern flat. Primitive man was the master of his hut and it was his castle. Till recently the house had been a complex affair. There were the gardens, barn, poultry, cattle shed and so on. The house itself was having different portions spacious enough for all the family members to move about. These villas till recently were popular. Even today we may come across these villas in the countryside. There was good neighborliness. In sorrow and joy the neighbor shared. They were helping each other in many of life's needs and operations. They had enough leisure. They had time to sit over a pipe or glass of drink and gossip. In short everybody was known to everybody and the society was in one sense self contained. But those days are gone though there may be vestiges in remote places. The onslaught of Industrial Revolution and the growth of industries as a result have caused the birth and growth of towns and cities. Though even in ancient days there were cities, they were the capitals of kings and emperors, otherwise there were not many cities. Any student of history could appreciate this point. So the growth of cities is a modern phenomenon, concomitant to the growth and concentration of industries. In an industrial area space becomes scarce and as more and more families pour in they cannot find space for houses. Not only the space but also the cost becomes prohibitive. So an average office goer or a worker cannot have the luxury of owning a house. Still they want some shelter to lay their heads down when they have returned from their office or factory. The answer has been the high rise flats of several floors. They are either built by building societies or by the Housing Boards of government. These flats are provided with
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