Life in a Big City Essay

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Life in a big city may seem like a havoc at times, but the amount of opportunities an individual gets to expose his or her talents and also to determine their own potential to perform a particular task is quite indescribable. Even an illiterate person, who does not have as much resources can easily earn himself a meal or two a day if he learns to adapt to the hectic days and sleepless nights of the city. A literate person also needs to adapt to the various harsh conditions of a big city in order to grasp the opportunities and become a successful person. No matter the profession, a literate person can earn a good remuneration in a well reputed firm or can even start his own business and live a leisurely life with all the basic needs. In other words, a big city is unbiased to each and every person and provides equal and fair opportunities to everyone. A big city also provides its residents with a lot of recreational facilities. These include shopping malls, amusement parks, beaches, hotels, cinema, etc. One can also observe a well-planned and organized infrastructural system in the cities. Huge residential as well as commercial skyscrapers add to the magnificence of a big city. They also have a well-developed drainage facility as a result of which heavy rain does not lead to floods and other related natural disasters. In addition, there is also a well set up electrical system and so, no question of power outrage arises. The road system is well developed, connecting each and every part of the city which facilitates swift movement across different parts of the city. They also have good public transport facility such as public busses and metro which helps people to travel to different areas at a considerably cheaper rate. As a result, huge Multinational companies do not hesitate when it comes to setting up their establishment in a well-developed city. Also, educational

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