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STSC 0111-Mckissic Spring 2012 Life Goals Paper Where Is My Future Going? Where is my future going? Many people ask that question to themselves on a daily basis. Now that I have enrolled in classes at Tarrant County College I have examined some of the goals I wish to accomplish in my life. Buying a house, earning my degree, and being successful as a mother are only a few of the goals I have in mind, but three of the most important. It will take hard work and determination to achieve my life plan but I am ready to continue taking steps in the right direction. In the next four years I would like to buy a house for my family. A house we can paint and decorate, to make it our home. There are a few steps in which I have to take in purchasing a home such as, finding a job. I currently do not work but could apply at various temporary agencies. I could also apply at places that I have previous experience. Locating an area is another task that must be completed when purchasing a home. I will need to research areas that have a strong school system and low crime rates. Education and safety are very important to me for my children. I could ask family and friends about where they live or just drive around and see for myself. I love traveling around, seeing new places, so that is more than likely what I would do to find the perfect spot. Another responsibility in buying a house would be to find a realtor. This can be done by searching the internet or looking in the phone book. During and after moving into my nice, new home, I will work on finishing my degree and starting my career. Getting to class as scheduled will get me to that degree I want. Having reliable transportation and adequate childcare is essential in my success. At some point in the future, when I am a bit more comfortable with school, I can take on more classes during a semester to get

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