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Life Goal – College Preparation My objective for this year is to focus on high school goals for college preparation. There are many ways to prepare for college. My goals are to take AP class, look in to colleges, choose a career, be involved in extracurricular activities, maintain a G.P.A of 3.5, scholarships, and prepare for SAT and ACT. My first thing to work on is to take AP class. AP classes are a great way to impress colleges. Also, taking AP class can help you with college level skills and graduate college a little early. My goal is to try to take at least two AP class next year. The class that I would want to take is AP Psychology and AP chemistry. I picked those two classes because I want to go to college for chemistry and Psychology because it sounds really fun. I enjoy classes like that. Next, is to figure out my career and look into college. High school gives me lots of opportunity to try out different classes and find my strong points. So far I like math and science, which are the two classes I have my strengths in. I had engineering tech in 9th grade and loved the class because it was hands on and I had to think how I had to make each of my projects. Also, this year I have chemistry and so far i love this class. So I decided I wanted to go to college for biomedical engineering or chemical engineering. The next step is to look in to college with the fields I like. I use different ways to find the colleges to look into. For example, I use College Board and from prior knowledge of college that I heard about and went too. The colleges I picked are Hampton University, Howard University, John Hopkins University, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, University of Connecticut, and University of Maryland: Baltimore County. Also, to help with reaching my goal of preparing for college is to have extracurricular activities

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