Life for a Life Essay

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Life for a Life Throughout her childhood, Ashley was molested by her father, Darrell. After years, Ashley was able to tell her mother, but her mother decided to stay with him, and the abuse continued. Finally, when Ashley was ten she told her teacher about what Darrell had been doing. Child Protection Services spoke to Ashley and her parents. They ordered family counseling for six months, and it was swept under the rug. After the counseling ended, the abuse got worse. Since both her mother and Child Protection Services had failed her, she dared not tell anyone again in fear that nothing would ever be done about it; and the abuse would get even worse. Instead, she dealt with it. When she was fourteen, her father asked her for forgiveness and swore to never do it again. He upheld his promise and gained her trust, and she eventually forgave him. The years went by, her parents divorced, and she and her father got closer. She grew up and had a daughter, Michelle. Although they were close, she never fully trusted him. They spoke mostly on the phone and would visit each other occasionally, but he didn’t babysit Michelle, and she wasn’t allowed to stay the night with him. When Michelle was eight, she confided in her mother that her grandfather had been molesting her. Ashley was devastated; she tried so hard to prevent her daughter from being a victim of child abuse. She vowed to do what no one had done for her. She called the police and reported what her daughter had told her. She pushed, and wouldn’t give up until Darrell finally faced charges. After months it paid off; he was finally arrested and charged with child molesting, but bonded out for almost nothing. Three years later, the trial was postponed three times, and Michelle’s grandfather still hadn’t faced a judge or jury. If he’s convicted, he may have to go into a treatment program, but the

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