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An Astonishing Life Experience Last year, I experienced a real life paradise that astonished me. It was summertime which meant a family trip and plans were already made without consulting me. My dad worked for National Wildlife Association as president of the zoo named “Delhi National Wildlife” in India. As a reward, my dad got an invitation to visit the Galapagos Islands with the entire family. Galapagos Islands are located on the east of Pacific Ocean approximately six hundred miles from the west coast of South America. Because our last family vacation was a disaster for me as I sprained my ankle at the museum in Agra, I was not looking forward to the trip. Despite my protests, Dad insisted we take the opportunity. Hoping that nothing bad would happen to me, I decided to make best out of it. Our entire family, including dad, mom, me and two of my sisters left for Galapagos Islands and the airplane landed in Ecuador which was the closest land mass from the islands. From Ecuador, we loaded our entire luggage on the small aircraft and left for the Islands. Our aircraft landed on the island of Santa Cruz which is one of the islands of Galapagos. On the first day, we were so tired due to travelling a lot, we decided to rest in the hotel. However, the Company which arranged our trip managed to reserve only two rooms for us in the hotel which meant that I had to share a room with my two sisters. That night turned out to be my worst night ever as my sisters kept bugging me by pulling my hair while I was asleep. They also tried to scare me with horrible voices and stupid tactics. In the morning, we all gathered in one room and decided to have a guide as we had no clue where to go and what to do. My dad hired a guide named Juan who happened to be a citizen of Ecuador. Before we left the hotel, Juan told us a brief history of how the Galapagos Islands were formed of

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