Life Expectancy of Men and Women

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The most interesting topic among the chapter that I found was the section on: Life expectancy of men vs. women; and it's relation to sex ratio. I have always admired this subject as it pertains to me. Being a female, should I be concerned that I may someday outlive my husband? Or should I be obliged that I am the species that get's more time? Within finding the answer to those self-questions, I thought I might do some research to help obtain my answer. First I took a look into why women are living 6-8 years longer than men. I found some some studies that made my mind really jump. It's correlating health and happiness. How without happiness one does not obtain satisfactory health, and without good health one does not obtain satisfactory happiness. The study’s concept concerns why women and men’s survival probabilities react differently to happiness and its factors. Finding that men by nature have a harder time coping with psychological stress than women. So their life expectancy plays hugely on the fact that plainly men cope less effectively with stress. The sexes difference in behavior plays majorly on this fact. Looking at a few of the things causing death in men such as coronary heart disease, suicide, accidents, drug and alcohol abuse. Now it comes to no surprise that because men are the more masculine of the sexes they have a harder time finding outlets to deal with their stress, and or asking for help. So they display coping with things such as excessive alcohol abuse, which leads to more stress, and moreover leading to health issues. Why men might be more stressed in the first place then women has a lot to do with the fact that for quite some time before the past decade or so women generally weren’t full-timers in the work force, and didn’t carry such a heavy burden as men. Men were the ones concerned mostly with the careers,
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