Life Expectancy Essay

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Rosmerlyn Rodriguez: “Monday DEP 2000 Blended “ Life Expectancy Had you ever test your life Expectancy before? If you haven’t test it at all and you are interested in doing it, you can Google life expectancy test and you will get it or going to After my research about what life expectancy is, I found that it’s the predictable number of years of life enduring at a given age, which is often denote by this symbol (e''x'' ), meaning the average number of someone’s subsequent years of life, which is the “X”, according to a exacting mortality knowledge. By now, it’s confirmed that the oldest proofed age for any person can be 122 years, referring as a maximum life span that a human could have. After I calculated my life expectancy, which was really bad I feel like I have being doing wrong my whole life. What I will do to change it, and modify my lifestyle in order to increase my longevity is first taking away any product that have sugar added, and keeping away from food that is factory processed or sophisticated. Drink wine one or two times a day, since it’s filled with resveratrol that is an antioxidant, which is good to protect my body against the bad things of aging, and at the same time can keep my body young. Smiling more often in the day, since when I smile, I am relaxing my body and reducing my stress at the same time. I will also do more exercises, since I do it once in a while, and exercises are pretty good in keeping the body and mind healthy. I will have more sex with my partner, since having sex is an essential part in health, and liberate a mixture of favorable chemicals in our body. I will sleep more, since I only sleep between 4 or 5 hours at night, sometimes 3 hours, and sleep is essential for a good and healthy body function, and it give you more energy, etc. Be more positive, since according to researchers, when you have a

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