Life Cycle Of The Stars Essay

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Life Cycle of the Stars Paper U10A2 PHY 1000 Dr. Vladimir Airapetian December 10, 2007 Table of Contents Introduction Page 3 Molecular Clouds, and Protostars Page 3-4 Physics of Energy Output of Main Sequence Star Page 4-5 Red Giants and Super-Giants Page 5-6 Planetary Nebula, White and Black Dwarfs Page 6 Multiple Shell Burning Super Giants and Supernova Neutron Stars and Black Holes Page 7 Our Sun, Earth and Life Page 7-8 Conclusion Page 8 References Page 9 Introduction The purpose of this paper is to describe the life cycle of stars from their birth to their death. Astronomers have been studying the stars since the first person laid eyes upon the night sky. Thousands of years of observations and record keeping of celestial events have all contributed to the vast knowledge we enjoy today. Within this last century, we have been fortunate to have the great minds of Einstein and Hubble who made valuable contributions to our current understanding. Also with this century, we have been blessed with tremendous advancements in technology that has contributed to the exponential growth in the knowledge of astronomy. We have gone from learning to fly, to going to the moon in just 60 years. We have also grown from the abacus to the computer thanks in part to the microchip. Today in astronomy, we have combined all of these things by putting telescopes in orbit and using computers to do complex calculations in

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