Life: Chocolates vs. Dice

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There are countless metaphors that people use to describe life. Some have ground to stand on and some are left drowning in mile deep waters. Life is made of choices and our choices have consequences. To me, the best metaphor to describe this phenomenon of life is that life it is like a game of dice. Life, as we know it, is now more complicated than a box of chocolates, and with chocolates, you know what you’re getting. Most of us have heard the metaphor “Life is Like a Box of Chocolates.” It became popular from a movie that won six Academy Awards, Forrest Gump. This metaphor may have been true in the early to mid twentieth century, but not in today’s world. The only way in today’s world to get a random chocolate is to mix them up and not look at the table that defines the types of chocolates. I know what I like and do not like, and I will avoid certain chocolates at all costs! The metaphor that I believe that describes how random life can be is “Life is Like a Game of Dice.” Yes, you can get the same number sometimes, but every time you roll the dice the odds of getting that number changes. A great example is something that Dan “Dr. Math” Eisenbud from Drexel University states that the odds of rolling a six with each of two consecutive rolls is 1/6 x 1/6 = 1/36. With that he says that the probability of rolling sixes in a row is (1/6)^n with “n” being the number of times you roll the dice (Eisenbud). This proves that every time you roll the dice that the odds of rolling the same number time over time grows exponentially. A more direct example on how random life is to have you imagine this: Say you have been smoking cigarettes for ten years. The next day after ten years of smoking you decide to quit, so you do. Yes, there is still a chance that you can still get cancer or that you may even at that moment have cancer. There even may be a possibility that
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