Life Changing Experiences

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One of the most profound experiences that prompted me to change my view on life was the recent death of my sister. Her unexpected death made me realize that life is precious and very short lived. Prior to her death, I had become preoccupied with advancing my career and furthering my education. In both situations, my main motivation was to make more money. I began pursuing my Master’s degree in a field that I had no previous knowledge or work experience. I decided to take the courses due to the possibility of me making tons of money once I finished the program. Because this subject was relatively new to me, I spent all of my time teaching myself the basics and studying. In doing so, this left relatively no time for my family. In between pursuing my education, I also work long hours, taking frequent business trips, spending more and more time away from my family. The death of my sister has taught me that you should never put off what you should do today for tomorrow. Since then, I decided to pursue my dreams of becoming a teacher. Additionally, her death has taught me to cherish life and spend as much time as I can with my children, letting them know daily how important they are to me and how much I love them. Although I continue to work long hours to support my family, I use all of my free time with my children. Now, if I have to take a business trip, I take a family member with me, even if I have to make prearrangements with my children teachers to get their assignments. It is during these trips that I spend one-on-one time and devote special attention to my love one, giving them memories that I hope will last a life time. I think my most important change is that I never end a conversation, whether it’s telephonically or face to face, without telling that person that I love

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