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Bethany Salling English 1301 Chuck Ladd August 30, 2010 Never Turning Back Today is December 23, 2009. I am in New Orleans, Louisiana on a Youth mission trip. My day was pretty much like any other day I’ve spent here. I got up and took a shower, brushed my teeth and got ready, did my daily devotional and now it’s time to start my day. I place all of my things back in my room and head out the door to see what my youth minister, Tom, has in store for us today. Then, all of a sudden, my cell phone rings. I silence my phone and head into the sanctuary where the rest of my peers are seated and are awaiting their instructions. My phone vibrates again telling me that I have a new voicemail, but I quickly close the notification and go about my business. Later that day, after we had eaten lunch we were told that we had the rest of the day to ourselves. We could hang around the church, go shopping with a sponsor, or help some of the other adults work on some painting that needed to be finished. I decided that I would help with the painting and then go and sit outside and people watch. After the painting was completed I changed clothes and headed up to the balcony where I spent most of my free time. I then remembered that I had a missed call and a voicemail. I called my voicemail and listened to the person on the recording. It was my mother. She had called to tell me she had something important that she needed to share with me and that she would like for me to call her back as soon as I had the chance. So, I hung up my phone and dialed my mother’s number. When she answered the phone I knew immediately that something was wrong. I asked my mother how her last couple of days had been because I hadn’t gotten the chance to talk to her much because we had been busy doing things around the church and now that I had free time I was all ears. My mom

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