Life Changing Decisions Essay

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Life Changing Decisions Starting a family is a huge deal. My best friend got married almost four years ago to her high school sweetheart. She had always wanted a family and a couple of kids. When there are no answers to your questions and you are labeled as “another statistic” it is the hardest pill to swallow. Recently she and her husband were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. After several doctor’s appointments, testing, and consultations with specialist’s this is the conclusion the doctors decided upon. With treatment options being so expensive, they looked into alternatives. With benefits outweighing the cons they decided to pursue the option of adoption. Being a woman, the only thing there is besides education, success and faith is the opportunity to become a mother. With their faith, if it is meant for them to have a child of their own then they will, if not they will gladly welcome a child without a home into their lives. After looking into all the different options they have finally decided to adopt/foster. This was a major, life-changing decision they both agreed to pursue. Of course the outcome of each situation is the same, but nothing compares to not being able to have your own child. Not only are they in shock about their recent findings but they are allowing someone else to give birth to a son or daughter and raise the child as their own. In my head, I have always looked at adoption as walking through a hospital and choosing the baby you wanted. This is not at all how it is in reality. After deciding to pursue the idea of adoption, there are several steps to take into becoming a parent. There is home study that is involved where the state evaluates the home to determine if it is safe for the child to live in. Not only do you have to adapt to the thought of becoming a parent at any giving time, you have to consider the impact and

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