Life Changing Careers Essay

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One of the surgeons the elderly visit frequently is Cardiothoracic Surgeons. Also know as Cardiac Surgeons. Cardiac Surgeons are heart doctors that perform procedures on your heart. Their clientele is most common of the people of the age 50 and over. Yet the first surgery was performed by a Norwegian Axel Cappelen on September 4th 1895. Cappelen recovered a man from a stab wound in the left axillae. Since then operations became more advance and safe without any complications. The procedure or surgery they perform is in the field of medicine involved with the treatment of diseases affecting organs in the inside the thorax. Cardiac Surgeons play an essential role in every person’s life. They maintain and keep up with your most important organ in the human body, the heart. Cardiac Surgeons start of to perform physical exams and review the patient’s medical history to diagnose their problem. Once they find out their problem they choose their type of procedure which is but not extended to: Bypass, invasive, Open Heart , and Aneurysm. After Surgery they must watch over there patient for the minimum of atleast 24 hours. Just incase blockage or clotting of the blood occurs. They must handle daily patients in “rounds” and then educate them on their condition and notify them on how to upkeep their health. Yet but last they have to discharge their patient. Becoming a surgeon is an enthusiastic career but yet a hard one to achieve. The schooling might take a while, but will be worth it in the long run. First you must get your any 4 year bachelor degree in the study of medicine. After you must attend medical school of your choice or in your area for another 4 years. After medical school you must complete 5 years of residency. Residency is the graduate stage of medical training. A resident is a person who achieved there medical degree who practices medicine under the

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