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The problem of plagiarism in todays universities [Type the document subtitle] Badriya Al-Alawi st20022936 Administrator [Pick the date] The problems of plagiarism in todays universities. Plagiarism is a form of research misbehaviour and a serious violation of the rules of science. It is the parody of another's ideas or words as one's own, without proper acknowledgement of the original source. Certain aspects of plagiarism make it less frank than this definition suggests. Over the past 30 years, the U.S. Federal Government has developed and refined its policies on misconduct, and Federal agencies, as well as research institutions, have established approaches to responding to claims and instances of plagiarism. At present, efforts to prevent plagiarism focus on plagiarism-detection software and instructional strategies.(Anderson, 2011) Introduction A huge volume of literature has been generated in recent years on the subject of plagiarism in the higher education sector. The general consensus appears to be that, while plagiarism is not a new phenomenon, its incidence has grown in scale to the point where it is almost of epidemic proportions (Desruisseaux, 1999). Because of the sheer number of publications, the United States, Japan, Germany, China, UK and several Western countries, ‘outshine’ developing countries in the league of misconduct. The USA was found to have the highest number of suspected duplicates, followed by Japan, but these two countries also had the highest relative contribution to Medline of all countries.(Al-Lamki,2009) In the United Kingdom, meanwhile, the plagiarism problem has been considered serious enough for affected parties to seek the assistance of the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC). JISC, a strategic advisory committee working on behalf of the funding bodies for more and higher education in

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