life celebrates the joys and exposes the pains

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Life Exposes the Pains and Celebrates the Joys Luke Puyol Life is complex. All of us experience our ups and downs, although we can never avoid pains. Hardship is always bound to occur, but so too is happiness. The joys of life often come as a relief to some unhappiness. Cool weather after a spell of heat, holidays after a stretch of tenuous school weeks, nourishment after hunger. Joyous events are appreciated because they are compared to the sad times. Noticing on the years that have gone by, I look back and see much joy but also some very harsh pains. When I was a kid in primary school those would have had to been the most enjoyable years of my life. As primary school children we didn’t have to worry about a thing, we had really no responsibilities and nobody really depended on us for anything. I remember the first day of prep being a really joyful day. I was five and ever so excited to start school and think that I am now a ‘big’ kid. My mum was scared though and I know realise how she may have felt but as I five year-old I could not tell. As mum had dropped me off, I was in an unknown world to me. There were so many new faces and so many things to do. I felt scared and yet extremely excited at the same time. As my mum left a tear may have ran from my eye but I had to let go and think that this is a new beginning, my time to be a ‘big’ kid. This for me must have been one of the most joyous memories in my life. I sometimes now wish that I could go back and just experience life with no responsibilities again. Even though life may have many of its joys, there are also some harsh and painful times. A painful memory which I find hard to forget is when a family member dies. When you are with them you don’t really take them being with you for granted and expect them to be there next time you see them. But I remember when I was in about grade four and we had a

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