Life Before World War 2 Analysis

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----------------------- I wrote this article keeping in mind that when people are interviewed they talk very normal without any fancy talk. + Pictured above: Yona just 2 months after she was freed from the Mauthausen camp Yona Wygocka Dickmann a holocaust survivor. Yona was the eldest of four children in a working-class Jewish family. The family lived in the Jewish section of pabianice. Yona’s father sold merchandise to polish stores. When the poles could not pay him for his goods, they would give him food for his family. It was difficult life in Pabianice, but Yona’s life only got harder once the war started. June 28, 1945 Q: How was your life before the war? Yona: Life was not so bad before the war, nothing…show more content…
Yona: well I was from a Jewish family… their was no hiding my religion, everyone knew we were Jewish. We lived in the Jewish section of Patience, in fact our neighborhood was turned into a ghetto, where are real problems started. Q: where were you taken and what were your experiences like? Yona: For awhile I was not moved anywhere, my neighborhood was tuned into a ghetto, other Jews were moved in and living conditions were very poor. Every single week the Gestapo would come in and take our valuables and even people! They would be sent to concentration camps, and others for work, but we never knew if we would see each other again. Soon the Pabianice ghetto was emptied and we were sent to the Lodz ghetto, I was only 12 for two years I sewed clothes for two years at a factory. Until in august 1944 we were sent to Auschwitz, my sister was sent to die and I worked in an airplane factory, when the Americans began bombing we were sent to the Mauthausen camp, after 10 days with little food or water, I was liberated by the Americans. Q: How has this experience changed your life perspective, on the need to respect everyone as equals despite their

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