Life Before The Armenian Genocide

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Thesis: Before the problem of the Armenian genocide the Armenian and the Turk lived in harmony as second class citizen. A century ago the Armenian genocide was one of the most massive and horrific time there ever was. Around in 1915, the Turkish government wanted to get rid of all Armenians in three steps, as this go on the Armenian race was on a thin line onto extermination. As in today in the 21st century, people are affected of what happen in the past and mostly the Armenians are angered at the Turkish because the Turks still today deny that there was ever genocide toward the Armenian. Life before the Genocide: Although Armenians were second class citizens in the Ottoman Empire; they lived in relative harmony with Turks for centuries before the forces of nationalism transformed the situation. Armenians were known as the "loyal group". During these times, although Armenians were not equal and had to put up with certain special hardships, taxes and second class citizenship, they were pretty well accepted and there was relatively little violent conflict. Things began to change for a number of reasons. Nationalism, a new force in the world, reared its head and made ethnic…show more content…
They killed the Armenians using several methods. First, those who were in the army were disarmed, placed in labor battalions, and then killed. Second, the Armenian political and intellectual leaders were rounded up on April 24, 1915, and then killed. This date is Armenians all over the world commemorate this great tragedy. And finally, the remaining Armenians were called from their home, thinking that they were going to be relocated, and marched to concentration camps in the middle of the dessert, where they would die from lack of food and water. In the end, western scholars predict that over 500,000 Armenians were killed in this massacre between the years

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