Life As We Know It Essay

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1 BTEC ± Level 7Advanced Professional Diploma in Management StudiesAssignment Brief Unit Tile: Leadership for your organizationAssignment reference: UNIT 8 Prepared By:ASIF MANSURIStudent ID No: 0509BHC002Submitted To:Lecturer: Dr. Hein MattheeDate of issue: 22 nd July 2010 Submission date: 17 th September 2010 2 Activity title: Leadership of Your Organisation ± unit 8 Assignment reference: LYO 1Date issued: 22 July 2010 Date due: 3pm, 15 September 2010Date submitted: 17 th September, 2010 Assessor(s): _____________________________________________ Assessment sheet (Individual Student) (For official use only) PGD- (B-Tech-Level-7) E v Pil ilm i gm N ame: _____ A SI AN SI Student number: ____ O Lecturer: Dr. Hein Matthe 3 Out comeEvidence for t hecri t eriaFeedback AssessorsdecisionIn t ernalVerifica t ionExamine a rangeof c u rren t t heories andmodels of leadership and t heir applicabili ty t o differen t s u b-divisions,organisa t ions,ind u s t ries andsec t ors(8.1) Section in the r epo r t evaluating a r ange of leade rs hip theo r ie s and m odel s that r eflect cu rr ent thinking a Section in the r epo r t explaining the expected i m pact of a r ange of leade rs hip s tyle s on s pecific s ub-divi s ion s, o r gani s ation s, indu s t r ie s, s ecto rs o r indu s t r ie s bInves t iga t e t hec u rren t andf utu rereq u iremen t s of leadership wi t hina s u bdivision,organisa t ion,ind u s t r y or sec t or(8.2) Section in the r epo r t a ss e ss ing cu rr ent r equi r e m

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