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Life And Environment Essay

  • Submitted by: kellylin7
  • on February 9, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Life And Environment" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Life and Environment

      What is the environment? The environment is everything around us. It refers to both living thing and non living thing in the world. The Environment is very important to us, you know why? Because it is where we live. However, human activities are constantly changing the environment. So, it is the reason why many countries in the world are paying attention to it.
First point we talk about the bad effect of environment, when the environment are destroyed, it will cause a lot of problems like holding the earth down, soil erosion, landslides, global warming, climate change and ext….when these problem take place the impact of environmental crisis on people can be seen ibn three areas like damage to health, damage to building and structure, and high economic cost. And the second point is agriculture. When the farmers use much pesticide and chemical fertilizer of their land, the excess chemicals, which are not absorbed by the crops, may be washed by the rainwater into the river and seas, so the result is water pollution. When the water is polluted with fertilizer. It will cause many fish and other aquatic life to die. And the last point talk about the electronic equipments like Air-conditioner, it’s a kind of electronic thing that help us to cut down the temperature but Air conditioners consume a large amount of electricity, which is usually powered by burning coal that releases greenhouse gases, causes acid rain, The refrigerant chemicals inside of air conditioners can destroy the ozone layer when released and has been mined in a way that isn't good for the environment. So the global warning happens.
In my conclusion, as we’ve known that the environment is very important to us and we can’t really live without it. So, in order to save our environment better and better we should: Use only the required amount of fertilizer, Minimize pesticide using, not cutting down the trees anymore and try to plant more trees. If one person plant at least...

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