Life &Amp; Times Of Henry Hudson

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Henry Hudson Henry Hudson was born around 1570 in England. Not too much is known of Henry Hudson’s early life, but he gained enough maritime experience to be hired by companies. One is the Muscovy Company in England. Henry Hudson’s first recorded voyage was in 1607 on the Hopewell. It ended as a failure, but three months later, he was back on the Hopewell In 1607 Henry Hudson led a voyage in search of a northeast passage to the North Pole. It failed because of ice and strong winds. Then he went on a second attempt the next year but failed again because of the same things as his first voyage. In 1609 the Dutch East India Company chose Henry Hudson to lead their mission to discover a water passage to the East. Henry Hudson sailed from Amsterdam, with a Dutch crew aboard a ship called the Half Moon. Like his very first voyage he encountered severe weather, witch started mutiny among the crew. Henry Hudson had one mission. That mission was to find a northeast route to the North Pole. He had already made four attempts, but failed each time. Even though he had sailed farther north than anyone else had done before, the Muscovy Company fired Henry Hudson. He was now in desperate need of work, but nobody in England wanted to hire him. He then went to Dutch (England’s rivals), and they agreed to hire him to find his northeast passage. In 1610 the Dutch set him off again to find his rout to the North Pole but when mutiny started on his ship. It forced him to turn around and head west to find a shorter rout to china, so he can trade his items for the spices in china. Henry Hudson’s famous discovery was the Hudson River. He was coming west from Amsterdam on his way to china to trade. Hudson sailed into New York's harbor on September 3, 1610 and noted what an excellent harbor it was. He was known as the first European to travel up and down the Hudson River. They first
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