Life After The Crusades Essay

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Picture a world of much pain and suffering;Were only death can bring happiness, Were after life is the only possible escape for a peasent's social class. Place This image clearly in your mind, now imagine that this afterlife is guaranteed .A so called war; will redeem you in gods eyes for any misconsumptions he may have of you and without no doubt allow you access into his kingdom in heaven. On your crusade to recapture the holy land. You see new things but nothing will amaze you more then what your eyes come across at the end of your journey. Your used to a wretched life style, tasteless food, hard labor from sun up to sun down. when you get their your eyes open wide.This civilization that is considered the enemy is living a optimized lifestyle.They have great tasting food, the latest techonolgy, new advances in science and medicine. As humans were always asking new questons why why why especially when it comes to life. If this person can have a great life why not me and this is exactlly what happens after The Crusades and Thus a new period in time called the Renasaisance. The first change and most likely the greatest change after the crusades woud be a social change.Society chose to advance to better living conditions during their life rather then await an uncertain glorious life…show more content…
the king ulitmately became more powerful then the pope.people sided more with the king then the pope.Originally the manors had a feudal system the social class could not move up or down, poor was poor and rich was rich. after the crusades the noble class some what collaspased giving others a chance to move up. when trade came into play money became more important. movement in social classes became more
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