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Life after Death What happens after death occurs? Do you believe that after death, you come back as someone or something else? Is death an alternation of opposites or is it an alternation of generations? Many scientists have been trying to study death for many years but the issue becomes neutral. There is no answer for the reasoning of death or where your soul ends up when you die. However, there are many beliefs on what happens when death occurs. Some believe that when you die, you come back from the dead as someone else or possibly something else. Some others believe that there is a heaven and a hell and depending on how much you trust the Lord and believe in what he teaches us, depend on whether you are going to heaven or hell when you die. Others believe when you die, you disappear to another planet. When it comes to death, the beliefs that people have are taught and learned by the knowledge they gain. In the story, “The Great Dialogues” Socrates belief is that when you die, your soul is born again and you become less or greater than what your soul once was. He states, “Are not all things which have opposites generated out of their opposites? And I want to show that in all opposites there is of necessity a similar alternation; I mean to say, for example, that anything which becomes greater must become greater after being less.” He wanted to convince Simmias and Cebes into thinking that if you were born as something small or less, as Socrates states, that when your soul is born again after death, you will return as something greater or bigger and the knowledge you gained from the first life will be recollected in your second life. For example, if I was a cat in my first life, when I die I will return as something greater, like a human being. If I was born as an elephant, I will return in my second life as something smaller, like a rat. In other words, your

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