Life After Civil War Essay

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American Life after the Civil War Nicole Silver Professor Hudson History 105 May 12, 2014 Industrialization made drastic changes to how Americans raised and supported their family, by its urbanization of American society to become a more powerful nation. Industrialization after the Civil War was a period where Industrial city began being built. There were more jobs for people and the political aspect was corrupted. The Industrial Revolution was a great turning point in the history and it led to technological advancements, middle and lower class, African American rights, woman equal rights, and many others. Society was a major aspect of Industrialization because companies were being built, railways was distributing goods to different states (Burns, 1861). Also, a lot of people were moving from the South and farm areas to the Northern urban areas. Iron and steel had become more vital to the Industrialization of America, and the United States was becoming more Industrialized and less agricultural (Britanica, 2012). The society worked in factories to earn money; they also worked at steel plants, and other jobs. Society played a major aspect in Industrialization. Economy plays a big part because the economy had an economic growth from all of the factories being built, the trains, and stores. The economy changed society into an urban industrial state (Schultz, 2013) by the immigration of people. The Industrial economy had reduced the interest in investments like the machine production because the machine made productions, increase the productivity that it created a higher standard of living (Schultz, 2013). The economic growth really helped people find jobs and make a way to live. Political aspect referred to the business and not to the poor urban people or to the working class. The Federal,

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