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My name is jones201 and I grew up one of the three children of divorced parents. My parents had joint custody of me, but I was raised by my grandmother. From the age of nine, I had to learn to deal with change, which has always come at the last minute. It taught me to ready for anything that would happen at the last minute in life. I always lived in Jefferson County and attended the public school system, which has prepared me for college setting. While I attended public schools, I was involved just one extra-curricular activity. I decided to return to college after eight years because now I am thirty years old and have decided to change my field of study. This is a challenge for me because I am a single parent of three children. Many people have learned to see me in many different ways; I cannot just describe one characteristic of myself. Over the last past ten years of my life, I have been told that people see me as being motivated, determined, shy and strong minded. Many people see me as a motivated and determined young lady. That is doing her best to support and raise your beautiful children on her own. My motivation and determination comes from being able to look my children in the face and know that they are depending on me. They are depending on me to make a future for them and lead then the correct way in life. It takes a lot of motivation to come to school, work and raise a family on your own. I have also been told that many people see me as a shy person, whom I can believe because of the fact that I do not talk too much unless I have to talk about something or someone asks me a question. I really believe that some of my shyness comes from my grandmother because she was the type of person that never had much to say to people unless they were talking to her. I remember some years ago, she show me her motivation that consist of stay strong that all

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